Gunsmithing & Laser Engraving

Ultrasonic Arms is northern Arizona's home for

We offer LASER engraving on firearms and other products.

Caliber markings on barrels, company names, and serial numbers along with logos. For logos, bitmap images are vectorized and sent through the Vision software and engraved onto the work surface. Cyrillic markings can also be done for foreign weapons. Have a project that you are working on and need some final markings on them? We can help finish that up as well.

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Looking for that one AK 47-74 or bolt rifle that nobody has for sale anywhere?

At Ultrasonic Arms, we can create that special one-off rifle build or other firearm build fitting your needs, and not a CNC mass production. Whether it is as simple as a bolt handle or detailed as a barrel and sight work, Ultrasonic Arms has the equipment to either build you a custom design or customize your favorite firearm. See our Services & Pricing or visit our Gallery to view more.

Need a muzzle brake but don’t have threads at the end of the barrel?

As long as the barrel can be removed, we can precision turn it between centers of the bore, so the threads are concentric to the bore and the threads and muzzle brake are center to the bore. If your state requires that the muzzle brake be pinned and welded in place, we can do that too. See some samples below or visit our Gallery to view more.

Looking for a tactical look to your firearms?

Let’s face it, today’s gun owners are into the tactical aspect of firearms more than ever before; and if you are in need of tactical accessory installations on rifles, shotguns, or handguns, we can do it. Tactical firearms are not complete until they receive a custom Cerakote color of your choice. We also off Zinc and Manganese Parkerizing and Rust Blue. See our Services & Pricing or visit our Gallery to view more.

Here is just a short list of what we offer:

  • Remington 700 rifle builds
  • AK 47-74 parts kits build, AK custom work
  • HK MP5 clone builds
  • Saiga 12 – Saiga rifle conversions
  • 1911 Government, Commander, Officers hand fit builds
  • Muzzle brake threading and install
  • Tactical accessory installs: rifle – shotgun – pistol
  • Custom bolt handles
  • Sako extractors
  • External bolt release
  • Ruger GP 100 custom barrel
  • Match barrel install from Krieger, Shilen, Douglas, Pac Nor, McGowen
  • Custom stock work and finishes