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Ultrasonic Arms is a 1500 square foot multi-service gunsmith shop in northern Arizona serving customers in need of gunsmithing, gun cleaning, repairs, custom work, refinishes, and modifications. Located in the Tri-City area of Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley, our shop in Chino Valley has the best industrial-sized ultrasonic firearm cleaning machine in northern Arizona. At Ultrasonic Arms, our goal is consistently providing outstanding customer service and the highest quality work to anyone needing firearm-related services. Ultrasonic Arms is an LLC company. All work is done in-house at Ultrasonic Arms.

About Kevin

As a highly–skilled craftsman who has been honing his gunsmithing skills for decades, Kevin Dunbar loves the challenge of anything mechanical that comes his way and leaves his shop in a better state. After many years working as a craftsman and tradesman, combined with three years of professional gunsmith schooling, Kevin turned his passion into a full-time business. As a graduate of Yavapai College Gunsmithing course in Prescott, Arizona, Kevin received certification in a two-year Professional Gunsmithing course and certification in a third-year Advanced Gunsmith course from 2012–2015. Kevin has also completed a Law Enforcement Armorer Certification course from the American Gunsmith Institute in 2013. Kevin currently has a 07 Manufactures, Gunsmith, and Dealer FFL License. Kevin is a NRA Life Member.

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