Services & Pricing

Services & Pricing

Pricing reflects labor only, and does not include material and parts. Prices subject to change.

General Firearm Work

Ultrasonic cleaning   $30-$80
Chamber casting  $45
Bore polish  $25
Bore and chamber scope inspection  $20
Bend and polish bolt handle  $125
Thread muzzle for brake and suppressor  $90
AK platform parts kit build  $350-500
Saiga 12 conversion  $250
General labor rate  $45 per hr
Barrel lapping  $70
Bore sight and mount scope  $45
Check headspace  $25
Open score mount holes for 8/40 screws  $75
Broken shell extraction  $45
HK MP5 style parts kit build  $350-450
AR15 upper or lower assembly  $100
Machine labor rate*  $65 per hr
  *Machine operations do not include refinishing.

Military Rifle Restorations

Includes parkerizing and new finished walnut stock.
Mausers  $400
M1 Garand  $500
Springfield  $450
M14/M1A  $500

Remington 700 Custom Work

Remington 700 action blueprint  $300
Remove barrel, true up action face and action threads, re-cut inner lug area, lap bolt lugs to receiver, re-chamber, cut new crown on barrel, reinstall barrel and headspace.
Remington 700 tactical bolt handle threading
Remington 700 tactical bolt handle knob machining
Sako style extractor install on bolt
External bolt release
Remington 700 re–barrel with a pre–threaded, chambered, and contoured barrel  $125
Remington 700 re–barrel with a contoured barrel that needs threads, chamber, and crown  $300
Remington 700 re–barrel with a blank with custom contour that needs threads, chamber, contour, and crown  $400

Pistol Work

Browning Hi–Power smooth and tune  $125
Ruger GP100 revolver spring kit install  $100
Taurus revolver action smooth and tune  $125
Ruger GP100 custom stainless barrel with muzzle brake
Smith & Wesson revolver action smooth and tune
Trigger kit installs for Ruger, Springfield XDs, Glocks, CZ, and Smith & Wesson semiautos  $125
Browning Hi–­Power Novak Lo Mount rear sight dovetail with custom height front dovetail sight and white dot to match rear sight white dots  $175


Smooth and tune action  $125
Fit mag release to frame  $45
Fit thumb safety to frame and sear  $45
Fit new trigger to frame  $45
Fit extended ejector to frame  $45
Lower and shape ejection port  $60
Cut slide for Novak rear sight  $90
Cut slide for BoMar rear sight  $125
Polish feed ramp  $45
Fit barrel bushing to slide  $90
Fit Beavertail grip safety to frame  $90
Fit mainspring housing to frame  $45
Fit hammer to frame  $45
Fit barrel to slide  $125
Install new sight on existing dovetails  $80
Cut slide for Novak front sight  $45
Cut slide for BoMar rear sight with side shields  $150
Cut slide cocking serrations per front or rear  $100-$150


Textured grip reduction  $150
Finger grove removal  $90
Sight installation  $45
3.5lb connector  $35
Undercut trigger guard  $60
Grip stippling  $90

SIG SAUER P Series P6 220 226 228 229

Smooth and tune action  $100
Sight installation  $45


Bore polish  $75
Barrel porting  $100
Drill & tap receiver for ghost ring sight base  $75
Weld on HK sights to Saiga 12 shotgun  $175
Remington 870 ejector spring replacement  $45
12 gauge Shotgun barrel back boring and polish  $200
Chamber polish  $35
Ream and extend 12 gauge forcing cone and polish  $125
Silver solder front sight  $45
Pattern test a shotgun   *Does not include ammo, targets, etc.  $60
Remington 870 choke tube ream and thread  $140

Stock Work

Recoil pad install  $75
Dakota sling studs  $80
Epoxy glass bedding for bottom metal  $50
Pillar bedding  $150
Metal grip cap  $75
Inlet barreled action and bottom metal  $350
Painted fiberglass stock solid color finish  $100
Standard sling studs  $40
Epoxy glass bedding  $150
Free float barrel channel in stock  $90
English walnut fore-end tip  $75
High–end classic oil finish  $300
Final shaping and sanding of stock  $200
Composite stock machine inlet  $250
NOTE: Most stock procedures are the same for fiberglass stocks.

Metal Finishes


We offer both Zinc Phosphate which is a WWII style grey color and Maganense Phosphate which is a super dark grey that is more of a modern mil–spec parkerizing for firearms. Parkerizing is a great military finish that bonds into the metal and has been used for a long time.
All parkerized guns are ultrasonic cleaned and bead blasted, and treated with a full synthetic oil for extra protection.
Handguns  $125
Semi–auto rifles  $175
Bolt–action rifles with floor plate  $175
Shotguns  $150


We offer Cerakote that is a highly durable ceramic heat treated finish for firearms.
All Cerakote firearms are ultrasonic cleaned and bead blasted.
Handguns  $150
Semi–auto rifles  $200-$250
NOTE: Parkerizing plus Cerakote  add $50
Bolt–action rifles with floor plate  $175
Shotguns  $160
Additional quad rails and other accessories may be extra.


Rust blue is a deep rich blue that is more durable than hot bluing; rust blue penetrates into the metal and not just on top of it.
Rust blue has a high–end look that is very close to the older Winchester finish, or collector grade finish.
Rust blue for most firearms  $250-$375

Pricing reflects labor only, and does not include material and parts. Prices subject to change.

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